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roof safety systems
Temporary Guardrail Edge Protection

These products are available for
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shorguard ltd

We can provide three types of temporary guardrail:
  • SG4a - Flatroof Guardrail Edge Protection
  • SG1 & SG3 - Floor Slab Guardrail Edge Protection
  • SG2 - Parapet Guardrail Edge Protection

SG4a - Flatroof Guardrail Edge Protection

This is a freestanding system for flat roof applications where no physical connection is possible.
It has a unique patented lifting shoe which allows freedom to work under the post without having to remove any part of the system and thereby maintining safety.
It can accomodate toe boards if required and is designed to eliminate trip hazzards.

Hire Costs Per Week
Post & foot:£2.50

SG1 - Floor Slab Guardrail Edge Protection

For slabs up to 500mm deep.
Guardrails located at the correct height
Toe board location with provision for overlapping.
M16 hole in the climbing plate to facilitate additional fixing as necessary.

Hire Costs Per Week

SG3 - Floor Slab Guardrail Edge Protection

For slabs up to 1000mm deep.
Compatible with SG1.
Allows for vertical extension with standard tube fittings.
Variable handrail positions.
Handrails connected to SG3 with double couplers on the inner and prop to tube coupler.
Toe Board location with provision for overlapping.
M16 hole in top clamping plate to facilitate additional fixing as necessary

Hire Costs Per Week

SG2 - Parapet Guardrail Edge Protection

For parapet and upstand beams from 205 - 610mm.
Allows for vertical extension with standard tube and fittings.
Handrails connected to SG2 with double couplers located to suit.

Hire Costs Per Week

Permanent Guardrail Edge Protection

shorguard ltd

We can provide two types of permanent guardrail:
  • SG4 - 90' Crossover
  • SG4 - In Line 'T' Connection

Only four basic components.
One system for permanent and/or temporary installations.
The SG4 System can accommodate toe boards if required.
Designed to minimise trip hazards.
Patented lifting shoe to allow roof surfaces to be re-dressed.
Fully galvanised.
Simple, safe and maintenance free.
Installation service available.

SG4 - 90' Crossover

This method uses cast fittings for fixing handrail tubes to vertical posts.

SG4 - In Line 'T' Connection

This method uses cast 'T' pieces to connect the handrail tubes in the same plane as vertical post.

Temporary Safety Systems

Mobile Man Anchor
The CE Approved Mobile Man Anchor is an item of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which has been specifically designed to provide short term safety for low frequency operations where guardrails are not provided. This portable anchor unit is ideal for short term maintenance operations to flat roofs or to the plant and equipment installed at roof level such as AC units, telecommunication equipment etc. The Mobile Man Anchor is extremely compact, portable, easily assembled and features a unique design incorporating a shock absorber which reduces the total weight of the unit, making the product more "user friendly". The Mobile Man Anchor has been designed to be used with an approved shock absorbing rope grab and rope and full body harness to provide safe access at all times. The unit is fully galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461 : 1999 Hot Dip Galvanised Coatings, Specification and test methods. The Anchor Weights are supplied with suction cut rubber boots. These protect the roof membrane, increase frictional resistance and enable the anchor to be used on all roof membranes, even in wet weather. The Mobile Man Anchor fully complies with BS EN 795: Protection against falls from a height - Anchor devices - Requirements and testing.

Mobile Man Anchor Building Height & Safe Working
The Mobile Man Anchor can be utilised on buildings over 4m high when used as a fall arrest system in conjunction with a shock absorbing rope grab device. If the Mobile Man Anchor is used on buildings below 4m it must be used in conjunction with a fixed length lanyard and used as a restraint system as opposed to fall arrest. The length of the shock absorbing rope grab device should not generally exceed the height of the building in order to avoid the possibility of the pendulum effect. To avoid this, the Mobile Man Anchor should be placed perpendicular to the roof edge where the operative is likely to be working. No part of the Mobile Man Anchor should be placed closer than 2.5m from the nearest roof edge. The unit should not be placed on any surfaces affected by ice, grease or similar slippery conditions which may impair the performance of the unit.

Mobile Man Anchor Pitch Roof & Safe Working
The Mobile Man Anchor can be used on any flat roof or on industrial steel cladded pitched roofs up to 15 degrees pitch providing the Mobile Man Anchor is positioned on the opposite pitch to where the operative intends working. When placed on the roof slope the Mobile Man Anchor must be at least 2.5m from the ridge. In all cases one must ensure that the roof structure is capable of taking the load of the mobile man anchor (250kg) combined with the weight of the operative plus any additional equipment required.

Linked Mobile Man Anchor Systems
The Safesite Mobile Man Anchor can be installed as a complete restraint and fall arrest system. A series of Mobile Man Anchors can be linked at approx 10m centres using the standard Safesite Horizontal Line System components. This installation provides "fall restraint" for operatives whilst they travel between each Mobile Man Anchor and "fall arrest" once they have connected directly to an individual Mobile Man Anchor and disconnected from the horizontal line. The Safesite horizontal line provides the operative with handsfree operation so that when a bracket/Mobile Man Anchor is encountered, the link device attaching the operative to the system glides over the bracket without the need to detach, unless one wishes to attach to a particular Mobile Man Anchor in order to utilise it as a fall arrest system. This type of installation is ideal if a free standing solution is required in order to avoid roof membrane penetration, or the roof design is not suitable for structural fixings associated with horizontal life line installations. This configuration of equipment ensures compliance with HS/G-33 1998 requiring "demarcated" safe areas/routes to ensure operatives remain within a specific area. Providing the operative is either attached to the Safesite horizontal line or Mobile Man Anchor they will remain protected from falling or accessing unprotected areas.

Roofline Safety Systems

This is the perfect answer to providing fall arrest protection where guardrails are not suitable or for when planning considerations dictate the need for a virtually invisible solution. Our horizontal roof safety line provides the operative with complete and continual "handsfree" protection throughout the length of the system. When a bracket is encountered, the link device which attaches the operative to the system, glides over the bracket without the need to detach from the fall protection system. The system can be installed to any steel cladding panel, beam or column structure, solid parapet walls and flat roofs via a support post.

Ariana Horizontal Lifeline

The ARIANA Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System represents years of refinement and innovation in providing fall protection for workers. The system utilizes a unique stainless steel shuttle that slides easily over intermediate anchorage brackets as well as around inside or outside corners with no manipulation required by the user.

The device itself is maintenance free, and can be easily attached or detached at any point on the line. Midpoint anchorages utilize PAS -the Progressive Absorbing System - which deform if the system is impacted, limit line deflection, and allow for a reduction in anchorage point strength requirements. The system may be installed above, even with, or below the user, and total line length is unlimited.

Evolution Horizontal Lifeline System

The Evolution� horizontal lifeline system is a permanent low tension, multi-span lifeline used for fall protection on elevated horizontal surfaces.

Fully engineered system will allow up to 5 users traverse from one extremity to another in a truly �hands-free� environment.

For work on roofs or overhead cranes, operations in aircraft hangars, bridge maintenance or loading docks, railcar, arenas-rigging, warehouse distribution, piperacks - All activities calling for many professionals to work at a height.

Easily installed, the system is particularly flexible for companies seeking the protection of their workplaces without any damage to the buildings or the structures into which the lifeline has to be incorporated.

The systems shuttle provides hands-free bypass of the intermediates and maximum freedom of movement, allowing user to attach or detach from the lifeline at any point along the system.

The intermediate bracket can be installed in many different configurations (on the ground, at various heights on the wall, etc.) and at regular intervals, to ensure the optimum distribution of forces along the lifeline. It is shaped specifically so as to allow the automatic passage of the shuttle without the user ever having to disconnect from the lifeline.

The corner brackets patented flexible cable guide design allows for any possible curve to be forged to follow the users movement as closely as possible.

The LEAP (linear energy absorption product) is a 4-in-1 system; an in-line shock absorber, system tensioner, tensioning indicator and an impact indictor.

A series of engineered roof stanchions are also available that can be used for most corrugated steel, wood and built-up roofs for added system flexibility.

Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI.

For further information please Contact Us..

Installation Service

We can provide a team of operatives to install any of our roof safety systems.

For further information please Contact Us..

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