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Eastern Counties Access Solutions have formed a joint venture with HAKI Limited to supply their unique equipment in East Anglia.

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norwich bus station
The re-build of the Norwich Bus Station as featured in the NASC yearbook 2006 NASC

HAKI system scaffolding delivers versatility, speed of installation, safety, performance, reliability and adaptability. All products are researched, designed, developed and manufactured only by HAKI Limited, using the highest quality materials to ISO 9002. Backed by HAKI's training and technical support you are assured that expert advice is available to make certain that every stage of your project runs smoothly.

haki system scaffold

Every aspect and physical component of HAKI system scaffolding is designed with safety in mind. Which is why each connection, joint, catch or fitting HAKI has developed has undergone lifetime testing - delivering peace of mind to the specifier, contractor and scaffolder alike.

Speed & Economy
HAKI Universal is rapid to erect and dismantle. Utilising fewer components than other methods and with a unique ledger beam which allows module sizes up to 4 metres, HAKI scaffolding improves productivity, is easy to install, requires less storage space, is more cost effective to transport and needs little maintenance. With around 30% fewer components than other systems, HAKI Universal Scaffold is lightweight yet extremely robust, providing the ultimate safe working space.

HAKI Universal is so versatile that it is ideal for a wide variety of uses including façade, support, independent, bird cage or suspended scaffold. The ultimate in flexibility is secured by interchangeable and universal components which permit every type of connection, overcoming even the most awkward applications.

Maximum Utilisation
HAKI Universal, Shelters, Roofs, Stairtowers and Canopies are fully compatible. With common and interchangeable components including standards, guard rails, guard frames, base jacks, ledger beams, transoms, inter transoms, steel toe-boars, system boards, stage brackets and hop-up brackets, stock holding is optimised and costs minimised.

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Temporary Roof Systems

Installed on a range of prestigious and high profile projects HAKITEC Temporary Roofing Systems lead the way in static, moveable or crane access structures. Utilising either the traditional 450mm beam or revolutionary new 750mm beam offering a large span, site managers are assured that every system is adaptable, lightweight, safe, fast and easy to erect.

Lightweight Construction
Speed and ease of use is vital for temporary roofing structures where adverse weather conditions may dictate sudden and rapid opening/closure. That's why every component of the HAKITEC roof has been developed to minimise weight making it easy to handle yet without compromising quality or safety.

The Haki Trak sheeting system allows for planned or unplanned access at any point throughout the whole roof. Whole sections can be opened up, e.g. for crane access.

Speed of Construction
The lightweight construction and efficient design of the HAKITEC roofing system means that it can be assembled up to five times faster than other traditional structures. With optional means of assembly, site managers can be confident that any downtime is minimal allowing projects to run to schedule.

Maximum Structure Versatility
The HAKITEC system is so versatile that it lends itself to the most complex of applications. With variations in sheeting, sections of which can also be mounted onto wheels, the interchangeablilty of HAKITEC components and compatibility with all types of scaffolding makes it the cost-effective and logical choice for site managers.

Simple, Safe Erection Procedure
HAKI products are employed for such a diverse range of applications that the Research and Development team relentlessly pursues the most simple, efficient and safe methods of erection. Backed by a dedicated training facility, 3D illustrations, CDs and comprehensive but easy to use step by step erection manuals, scaffolders will find HAKITEC roofing systems trouble-free.

A project may dictate the need for a 'contained' area, for example to prevent the ingress of dust or moisture, to protect the surrounding environment or simply to avoid disruption by poor weather conditions. HAKITEC systems are the ideal solution to providing a perfect environment to allow work to continue to time and plan. Contained areas can also be heated.

750 Beam
The HAKITEC 750 aluminium alloy beam is the latest revolutionary development from HAKI which has changed the face of temporary roof structures and aided the advance of scaffolding design. The beam, which has an ultimate bending moment of 74kN.m and an ultimate shear force of 44kN, can span more than 30 metres yet at the same time is safe and simple to erect.

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haki limited

norwich bus station

Using only proven HAKI Universal and Temporary Roofing components, HAKI Temporary Buildings offer extreme versatility and adaptability lending themselves to all types application across a range of industry sectors. A HAKI Temporary Building is tailor made to your exact requirements and can even be erected on uneven and sloping sites. Whether for a construction site, factory or special event, HAKI mobile or static temporary buildings are the cost effective solution to short or long term storage needs.

haki limited

HAKI Stair towers are the safe solution to meeting Working at Height Regulations. Built from proven HAKI scaffold components, adaptable to most heights and scaffold systems and featuring non slip treads and landings, workers are safely and easily moved around site. Compact Tower, the unique and robust stairtower developed to meet the specific needs of the housing market, is the most recent addition to the HAKI range.

HAKI Stair
The Stairtower is a strong, all steel construction, designed and built to carry loads. It has non-flexing rigid flights and landings, which are mesh/grating and therefore clean mud, snow and ice as you walk. The Stairtower is fast to erect with safe erection procedures.

Compact Stair
The HAKI Compact Tower is the most recent addition to the HAKI range. The Compact Tower is a unique and robust stairtower which has been developed to meet the specific needs of the housing market. It has been designed for progressive 1.5m lifts.

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haki limited

HAKI loading towers have been specially designed and developed to preserve the safety of site workers and reduce the risk of falls from height. Combining a unique safety gate which can only be opened from the main platform with the elimination of scaffold fittings from the design and a steel plank decking, the risk of slips and trips is significantly reduced.

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Geda Combilift 200/250 Z
The ideal lightweight vertical hoist with a 200kg capacity. With its single wheelbarrow load platform it can lift loads up to a height of 30m at a speed of 25m/min. Easy transport, erection and dismantling using lightweight, but robust, 2m ladder sections.
Hire cost £95 per week

Geda 300 Z
The specialist for any building project. For many years the GEDA 300 Z with 400 V rotary current motor (now also available with A.C. working motor 230 V/50Hz!) and 300 kg lifting power has been used for manifold transporting tasks at the site.
Hire cost £140 per week

Geda 500 Z
With the last years the GEDA 500 Z has made itself a name as a reliable partner for building tradesmen. Its spacious load platform with 500 kg load capacity offers space for two large tipping barrows or large pallets as well as fastening devices for bulky building materials.

Passenger Hoists

Geda 7P
The robust and reliable construction - based on years of experience in elevator construction - guarantees efficient utilization and a high degree of availability.

Geda 15P
The robust and reliable construction - based on years of experience in elevator construction - guarantees efficient utilization and a high degree of availability.

Scaffold Hoists

scaffold hoist

  • Carrying capacity 200Kg.
  • Lifting Speed 19m per minute
  • Working Height 30m
  • Extendible bracket
  • Working position locking lever
  • Lift hook secured by self-locking clamp
  • Quiet running
  • Trolley attachment available for use with a gantry
  • Top limit switch
  • Wire-hook connection by block and wedge
scaffold hoist

Hire cost £55 per week

construction skills construction skills certification scheme

We offer a fully trained work force.
All our operatives are 100% CISRS compliant.

We give personal attention to every contract no matter how large or small it may be.

We operate a Safety Management Service with an appointed Safety Supervisor.

Work at Height Safety is our speciality.

For further information please Contact Us..

haki limited

We are able to provide or arrange training for the HAKI scaffold system.

Work at height Safety is our speciality.

For further information please Contact Us..

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